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Check out Yashan over the top

Check out Yashan over the top

Yashan is Sri Lanka’s youngest professional Hip Hop Artiste. At the age of 22, he has already made a good impression of himself in Sri Lanka’s hyper-competitive music industry as a brilliant Rap Artiste, Singer, Producer, Lyricist,TV/Radio presenter, Video Director & Now an Entrepreneur.

Highlighting some of Yashan’s performances would include, him having featured on eight number-one hit singles with well-known Sri Lankan artists namely, ‘Moonlight Queen’ with K.Sujeewa, ‘Sandawathuren part-2’ and ‘Get it crunked’ with Ashanthi, ‘Divyangana’ with Waruna from Sirasa Superstar, ‘Kumara Thalen’ with Uresha Ravihari and ‘Nethuaga’ with Subani Harshani, ‘Bamba kotapu hinda’ with Santhush and ‘Puruddakda sasare’ with Bathiya are some of his popular crations.

He spoke to TV Times about his newest achievement. What’s up Yashan?

How have you been lately? We didn’t hear from you for sometime… Good.. good. Im doing all good. Yeah I was a bit silent but that does not mean I was not busy, was always working hard on my projects. On my music.

But didn’t make a big buzz because I was planning to make a come back and take my career to a different direction this year. So I was patiently waiting for my moment. And time has come up for it right now. So I’m hungry, I’m ready, I’m rearing to go… was patiently waiting for my moment.

Heard you got an opportunity to get featured on BBC RADIO 1. How did you make it?

Yeah! That was something real big. There’s this show on BBC RADIO 1 called “Best of Asian desi beats” hosted by DJ Nihal. It’s a worldwide, popular award winning show. He came down to SL last February I guess and I had a chance to meet him up and I even had an interview on BBC RADIO 1. I played him my new Single “Siththamak wage”, and he wanted that record on a CD.

Then after he got back to UK, He played my song on air on his show for four consecutive weeks. For me thats a big achievement as an artist and specially as a Sri Lankan I’m so proud to represent my country on a major scale. Thanks goes to Mr. Ramzi of YES FM, he is the one who introduced me to DJ Nihal.
You could rap and you are well known as a singer and a presenter too. which were you able to do first?
I definitely was able to rap first because that was my home. And, from that, I grew into singing & presenting naturally. In my early stages I was just into rapping and as I met BNS, my whole attitude towards the game changed. Those advices of BNS was the reason for me to become who I am today. As when I was getting experience working with BNS I realized that being just another rapper is not my thing. I felt that I have something more in me. I mean I felt like I can do better and I need to push on to show my talents.

To be honest with you that was the turning point of my career. I learned a lot in that period and that does not mean I know all now. I still work on my skills and learn everyday. So then slowly but surely I started converting my self from a rapper to a successful Artiste.

Do you find one harder than the other?

Answer is a straight no because, I never found it difficult. I enjoy what I do. And whatever I do, I do it in my way. I mean I put my style into it. So I’ve been enjoying and loving my career so far. Feel so good to be here and I’m so thankful to god for giving me all these talents.

How is the progress of your second album? How many tracks are done now?

Well.. Its coming out great! Im planing to release it at the end of this year.. Im taking my time to give you the best! This time worked on almost 100 beats for the album and I’ve picked the best 15 out of it.. Most of the melody’s are complete and I’m working on lyrics now while, in the process of recordings. First single off the album “Siththamak wage” was very successful. It gained heavy radio airplay and it was on charts too. We’ll be shooting the music video for that song on the 2nd week of July. Im doing it with Taala roopa revolution video production team. Concept is all done, its new, its brand new, its different and thrilling im so excited about it.. Its gonna be mind blowing.. You gonna love it! Mark my word. Actually Siththamak wage song gave lots o energy into the album.

We know that you were working with BNS for your debut album and with whom are you woking for your second?

This time I’m on my own.. I got this young talent Rasantha M working with me for my second album.. 90% of the beats for my second album are made by him.. I got a total different taste when its comes to my syle, my music.. So its very hard to find the right producer in here with the right touch. But I believe that this 21 year old kid got the right material and all the requirements for my need. He knows my taste, he knows my flow, my range and most importantly he knows my style. So I have given him all the responsibility to produce good beats. I come up with new concepts for him, make melodies, write lyrics and stuff like that..

Heard you’ve started another new radio show. Can you tell us some details about it?

Its a show called “YFM SINDU CIRCLE”. Show is mainly based on local & international R&B & HipHop music. And I play all time hits, Desi/Panjab/Asian flavor tracks too. Not just that it features artist’s news, gossip and interviews as well. Have a listen to it sometime, its going on air on Saturdays from 12noon to 3pm on YFM.

What’s going on with “HOT MUSIC RECORDS”?

Oh its going great. Latest artist who’s coming out of my label is Miss Chey. And she’s the first female artiste who signed up with HOT MUSIC RECORDS. She’s a 17 year old teen with an amazing talent I’m glad to produce and introduce her to the Sri Lankan Music Industry. Title of her debut single is called “Me aththamaido” which was written by me and the music of the song was done by, Rasantha M.

Music video for her song has been shot already and we are in the final edit now and it’ll be out in a few days. This also I did with Taala roopa video production team. I just love the way they work, their concepts and themes, and the art direction of their products are just amazing. Im sure you’ll agree with me 100% when you see the video. So I’l stop now and let the video tell you the rest.

Back to HOT MUSIC RECORDS, got many more fresh young artists to be introduced and I’m just bringing them out in order one by one. When it comes to producing, I don’t just produce a song and wipe my hands off. I produce artists with a long term plan and I guide them until they get enough experience to carry it alone. Let’s say I’m going at a pace of 60 and they are going at 30. So then I reduce my pace, come down to their pace, Show them what needs to be done to become a successful artiste. More than anything just love working with fresh new talent.

So what can we see special from Yashan in year 2010?

Its gonna be my second album. What else? (laughs) That’s gonna be a classic record you ever gonna hear from a Sri Lankan Hip Hop artiste. And you can’t just put it into Hip Hop/Rap category because I have some smooth R&B records as well. I’ve got upbeat contents for DJs and clubs and I’ve got decent contents for you to listen & chill down at home as well.

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